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ZAYTRAN, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance automation products, grippers and welding locators.   ZAYTRAN specializes in the development of products that are able to serve extreme environments or requirements but are priced to compete with the generic brands.


Magnum Parallel Grippers

more information MAGNUM parallel grippers are universally applicable “out-of-the-box”. The use of third-generation ZAYTRAN technology and the selection of super tough, corrosive resistant materials allows the MAGNUM parallel grippers to efficiently serve day-to-day as well as tough, nearly impossible parallel gripper applications. Examples of the range of parallel gripper environments include welding, grinding, machining, clean room, epitaxial wafer fabrication, hard disk fabrication, D.I. water and food processing.

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XRAY-S Grippers

more XRAY-S grippers are designed to handle a very wide range of products with strokes up to 350mm in length.  Incorporating a high-torque linear bearing rail for rigidy and ZAYTRAN's patented double helix synchronization the XRAY family provides the ultimiate in precision and extremely long strokes. 

Tough environments are not a problem with this sealed unit.  The linear bearing blocks are fitted with wipers and industrial scrapers.  The piston shafts are hardened and fitted with double bronze scrapers.
A uni-body extrusion increases rigidity as well as providing mounting and sensing T-slots.

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Automotive Grippers GPL/GPAL

more The GPAL (metric) and GPL (imperial) Series of precision, long stroke grippers is designed to significantly increase the payload capability of automation systems by reducing the weight of the grippers. Because grippers are part of the payload robot or fixed automation systems, a gripper’s mass is critical to the cost and efficiency of the system. The new GPL/GPAL Series offers the highest Force-to-Mass ratio on the market by employing modern manufacturing techniques and selecting materials and treatments that reduce mass.

These grippers employ a purge system that allows a chamber under the slides to be pressurized. This positive pressure ejects foreign materials such as grinding dust and welding slag. To further “harden” it for harsh environments the cylinder shafts are heat treated and run though double bronze wipers in the larger units and polyurethane wipers in the smaller units. This combination will remove debris from the shaft without damaging the gripper.

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Automotive Locating Pin Cylinders

more ZAYTRAN, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of retractable, automotive locating pins.  Guaranteed for the life of the tool, the ZAYTRAN LSA pins are approved for use by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

Less than 0.0050" (0.127mm) of deflection will be seen at the pin including the offset.  Performance in the field has been confirmed since 1996 and backed by brutal 3,000,000 cycle tests of each model.

All LSA models are lubricated for life.  In addition, the weld immune iron nitride shaft treatment combined with the ultimate rod scraper assures operation in the toughest automotive environments.

With the smallest size in the industry LSAs are easy to fit into any application. All mounting surfaces comply with Auto/Steel component standards.

With application sign-off all ZAYTRAN LSA Non-Rotating locating cylinders are guaranteed for the life of the tool

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